Proverbs 17

Chapter 10 began a lengthy series of Solomon's statements of wisdom. This chapter continues by noting concepts such as honesty, controlled speech, and family harmony. The list continues into chapter 22.
This continues an extended list of wise sayings from Solomon (Proverbs 10:1).

The first section of this chapter deals with virtues such as family harmony and honesty. As do other portions of this book, these statements warn that those who plan evil will suffer consequences. God cannot be deceived, and He knows precisely what's on each person's heart (Proverbs 17:1–6).

The next group of proverbs covers a wide range of ideas. Major themes include sins that cause anger or division between people, friendship, and careful use of one's resources. These verses often exhibit the common pattern of contrast or doubly-stated ideas (Proverbs 17:7–21).

The chapter ends with wisdom centered on godly spirituality and a controlled tongue. In contrast, negativity and bribery are sins to be denounced (Proverbs 17:22–28).

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